Hearing Protection Safety Video

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Hearing Protection Safety Video. 1910.95 hearing protection noise is unwanted sound that can effect job performance, safety, and your health. The program covers basic ear anatomy, discusses the hearing protection program, and identifies the proper ppe to help prevent nihl.

Kidco WhispEars Child Hearing Protection Hearing
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We offer this training video which will help show your employees all about hearing, hearing loss, workplace noise, and most importantly, the proper types of personal protective equipment (ppe) necessary to protect from hearing loss. The video also demonstrates the proper use and maintenance of hearing protection and how to choose the right protection for you. If employees carry on not using it properly you.

Protect employees from hearing loss with the help of safety matters:

Provide hearing protectors employer must provide a suitable variety of hearing protection devices (2 types or more) 4. Don't take either for granted. Some assume hearing loss is the unavoidable result of getting older, yet most hearing loss is due to noise over a lifetime. There are also a lot of excuses that employees give for not wearing their personal protective equipment, such as “it’s.