Osha Safety Manual Example

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Osha Safety Manual Example. Or some will use the federal or state osha standards to draw insights and simply paraphrase requirements and procedures from these sources. For over 24 years we have developed safety manuals and safety handbooks that help establish effective lines of communication between employer, employee, and client.

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The manual has been expertly developed by safety guru, doug wakefield. Osha compliance sample manual the follow is an example of how xyz company’s safety manual would be written. As a construction company owner, it is an osha requirement to have a workplace safety manual on premises.

Listed below is a an example of our safety manual table of contents.

Employers should consult the applicable osha standards for the specific requirements applicable to their workplaces. While this free safety manual we offer our clients is a true $275.00 value and meets the administrative requirment of osha compliance for an employers safety plan, you may want to consider adding some addition higher hazards activity chapters, that may also be a requirement. The main objective of having this document is to ensure the safety of employees at workplace. Yours will be customized to your specific needs.