Slips Trips And Falls Safety Video

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Slips Trips And Falls Safety Video. When it comes to slip and fall injuries, no one wins. Slips, trips, and falls awareness training slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of work related injuries and fatalities.

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Preventing slips, trips and falls safety video. This program on slips, trips and falls shows employees the situations that can lead to slips, trips and falls, and what they can do to avoid or prevent these accidents. Atlantic's slips, trips and falls in construction environments courses discuss the mechanics of slips, trips and falls, the types of hazards that workers are likely to encounter on a job site that leads to them, and the safe practices and equipment that they can use to stay safe on their feet.

This slip, trip and fall safety training video is available as a dvd or usb stick in either english or spanish language options, and is 19 minutes long.

These incidents are a significant problem affecting every workplace, from the factory floor to the office and quite often can result in serious injury and lengthy amounts of time off work. Falls at work only happen to other people — until they happen to us. Slips, trips, and falls cost companies millions of dollars a year in workman comp., medical bills, and lost productivity. This training video teaches construction workers how to avoid slips, trips & falls while on construction sites.